About Us

A corporate needing to onboard a thousand new employees a month.  An Insurance company wanting to train 10,000 new agents a year and keep them constantly updated on new offerings and changing regulations.  A mobile operator deploying a nationwide network of 30,000 independent distributors.  A pharma company wanting to develop a learning culture for its thousands of medical representatives on the complex clinical implications of their diverse product line.  Underlying all these real business scenarios is the need for an effective Onboarding and Training solution that takes advantage of today’s digital landscape.
Knowledge Catalyst curates and develops industry and organizational content. By integrating the content with innovative digital solutions, Knowledge Catalyst improves the learning outcomes in institutions. Working with customers to deploy industry-leading digital platforms, Knowledge Catalyst aims to significantly improve the corporate ROI on its human capital investments.
The advent of innovative digital solutions and its ability to radically upgrade the learning and onboarding process cannot be ignored.  These new technologies will disrupt the very way organizations think and go about onboarding and training their employees.  Shorter learning curves will lead to higher employee engagement. Increased employee engagement will result in higher productivity.